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Doing Business with the NFTA: A guide for suppliers and contractors

The information provided is intended to help suppliers, consultants and contractors identify solicitations on which they would like to bid or make a proposal. It is not a substitute for the official procurement documents. All award decisions are based solely on the content of the official bid documents.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I find out about upcoming opportunities?
How does the procurement process work?
How does the NFTA decide who is awarded a contract?
How can I add my company to the Procurement Bid List?
How can I find out about upcoming opportunities?

To reach as many potential suppliers, consultants and contractors as possible, the NFTA uses several methods, including this web site, to announce procurement opportunities.

  • Register on-line as a potential supplier
    Anyone can register as a potential supplier with the NFTA. Select the category or categories which match the materials or services you provide. You will be notified by e-mail when a bid opportunity is available. Only registered suppliers will be notified.
  • Check the NFTA web site for Current Procurement Opportunities
    Bids must be downloaded directly from this web site.
  • Check the Newspapers
    Advertisements announcing most of our procurement needs appear in the Buffalo News, The Niagara Falls Gazette and The Buffalo Challenger. Other newspapers and periodicals may be used under special circumstances.
  • The Primary Source: The New York State Contract Reporter
    All procurement solicitations that are anticipated to exceed $15,000 appear in the New York State Contract Reporter. For subscription information, contact the New York State Contract Reporter at or call 1-888-697-7787
How does the procurement process work?

We solicit bids and proposals in the following way. (All procurements over $15,000 are advertised):

  • Informal Bids
    When buying materials and services for under $15,000, we telephone, e-mail or fax potential sources for quotations rather than advertise. We look at our Registered Suppliers List and other sources to locate qualified suppliers.
  • Invitation for Bid
    An Invitation for Bid is used to obtain bids when a contract is competitively bid. Potential suppliers and contractors submit bids that are opened at a public meeting: at a location, date and time specified in the Bid. Registered suppliers will be notified by e-mail.
  • Request for Proposal
    We use Requests for Proposals when a contract is competitively negotiated. Registered suppliers will be notified by e-mail. A selection committee evaluates the proposals and, based on the selection criteria set forth in the RFP, negotiates with the most qualified proposers before awarding a contract.
How does the NFTA decide who is awarded a contract?

The procedures for making awards differ depending on whether the contract is based on Informal Bid, an Invitation for Bid, or a Request for Proposal. For Informal Bids, solicitations and Invitations for Bid, contracts or Purchase Orders are awarded to the lowest responsive and responsible bidder. The NFTA determines if the lowest responsive bidder can responsibly fulfill the contract or purchase order. Delivery, performance, quality, and ability to meet bid specifications are all important considerations when evaluation a bidder's level of responsiveness.

For contracts based on RFP's, a number of criteria are considered. Pertinent experience, proven management skills, qualified key personnel, ability to perform within given time constraints, past performance, quality of previous bid documents, demonstrated professionalism and other criteria specific to each contract may all become part of the negotiations that lead to the awarding of a contract based on an RFP.

If there are any more specific questions, please contact any Procurement / Contracting representative listed below under How can I add my company to the Procurement Bid List.

How can I add my company to the Procurement Bid List?

You must register on-line. See Bids.

Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program

DBE Applications and instructions may be obtained from the US Department of Transportation's website at


NFTA Contacts for Procurement Opportunities

Andrea Herald - Procurement Manager
Phone: (716) 855-7356
Fax: (716) 855-6676
Product Category Responsibility: Consultants, Computer Hardware and Software, Utilities and Telecommunications, Petroleum Products, Capital Equipment

Cindy M. Judd - Assistant Procurement Manager
Phone: (716) 855-7206
Fax: (716) 855-6676
Product Category Responsibility: Vehicles and Vehicle Parts, Office Supplies and Equipment, Facilities Maintenance Materials and Services, Printing and Graphic Supplies, Uniforms

Geri Richwalder - Senior Buyer
Phone: (716) 855-7440
Fax: (716) 855-6676
Product Category Responsibility: Buses and Bus Parts, Fire Fighting Supplies, Industrial Supplies

Katrena McCoy - Purchasing Specialist
Phone: (716) 855-7241
Fax: (716) 855-6676
Product Category Responsibility:Rail Car Parts, Safety and First Aid Supplies, Copy Paper and Copier Supplies, Pest Control, Miscellaneous Materials and Services

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